iryx Sensor Fusion for Mainstream Applications

iryx develops and manufactures devices that observe, analyze and provide actionable intelligence for public and private spaces. Using sensor fusion and edge-based AI, the iryx platform provides multi-spectral visible plus thermal imaging solutions for security, multi-sensor thermal occupancy detection for conference rooms and classrooms, and multi-sensor air quality/environmental monitoring.

Multi-Spectral Visible and Thermal Imaging solutions see more than conventional cameras for longstanding and emerging security and business intelligence applications. They uniquely allow you to differentiate and classify bodies, vehicles and faces in any or no light with features like liveliness detection and radiometric information improving analytics and situational comprehension. The iryx platform also integrates with leading software platforms for fast and easy implementation.

On the horizon…

  • System verification
  • Object status/tampering
  • Flow detection

Compound Thermal Occupancy Detection sensors detect the presence of humans while maintaining personal privacy protection with the ability to differentiate between people and other heat emitting objects with thermal signature classification

This allows complete area detection capabilities including the ability to count individuals occupying conference rooms, classrooms, and other private spaces for management and administration of physical resources.

Air Quality Analysis sensors detect and record high particulate counts in the air due to vaping and smoking, or the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic chemicals, gasses, and particulate changes in air quality. It is the ideal solution for mainstream applications in schools, hotels and critical spaces where certain chemical usage and activities like vaping are prohibited. Users can determine detection thresholds based on the application and environment, and set alarms to notify administrators of abnormalities.

Environmental Status

iryx sensors can monitor temperature, air pressure, humidity, vibration and the presence of liquids in municipalities, data centers, construction sites, schools and hospitals to ensure occupant safety and compliance to internal and mandated regulations.