iryx Sensor Fusion for Your Market

iryx extends the range of sensory capabilities well beyond human capacities to see and detect things that would otherwise go unnoticed until they became obvious problems. Whether you need to count and classify vehicles, monitor classroom occupancy, or detect vibrations in critical machinery, iryx has the right combination of sensors to deliver the precise solutions you need for specific locations and market applications.


Classify and monitor pedestrian and vehicular traffic, count people, automate parking fees, track individuals, find missing objects, identify objects left behind, monitor the environment, and more.



Monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and air quality for smoke and particulates that may indicate health and/or operations issues, with occupancy detection to ensure specific areas of your facility are clear of personnel.

Food and Beverage

Along with the obvious security and safety applications, track liquor serving portions with flow monitoring, monitor food storage conditions and core systems such as refrigeration and HVAC that are critical for sustained business operations.

Government Facilities

Track and identify people, objects, and vehicles with extreme accuracy, making use of occupancy detection, environmental monitoring and multi-spectral imaging solutions to ensure the utmost in safety and security.



Know who’s in classrooms, locker rooms and other sensitive locations without cameras to protect personal privacy, while protecting people, property and assets with multi-sensor solutions that can be tailored for specific locations and applications.


Authenticate and track individuals for physical and cyber access, identify vehicles and traffic patterns on primary and surrounding roads, protect perimeter areas of primary and remote facilities/operations, identify objects left behind or missing, and more.