Sensor Technology Overview

The iryx Platform

Multi-spectral imaging and multi-sensor IoT devices enable detection and analysis of related events by analyzing the same situation from different perspectives providing users with better insight and context versus the use of a single device.

iryx solutions perform A.I. computations at the edge to deliver real-time detection and event classification. This provides significant scalability and cost-efficiency by removing the need for Cloud based solutions or expensive on-premise servers to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Additionally, all iryx devices and device software are designed from the ground up with robust cybersecurity protections such as Arm Trusted Firmware and Docker containers.

Advantage Description
Sensor Fusion Multi-Sensor Imaging and Multi-Sensor IoT devices provide comprehensive area awareness and context
Edge-based AI Real-time detection and classification of imaging data and IoT data at the edge
IoT Ingestion Platform capable of ingesting imaging data and IoT data for additional perspective
Scalability Edge-based compute eliminates need for cloud, reducing transmission and processing costs
Cyber Secure Hardware and device software designed to be cyber secure, e.g. Arm Trusted Firmware, Docker Containers, 802.1x, etc.
Data Privacy Data is secure as it does not need to leave the premises for analysis

The iryx Solution

iryx sensors are purpose-built to observe and analyze spaces and produce actionable intelligence in an IT friendly manner. This is accomplished by applying multi-sensor fusion with edge-based AI to capture data, contextualize it, and then communicate it to various software management platforms to dramatically increase situational awareness.

Humans possess 5 essential senses to gain an intelligent view of their surroundings. Traditional imaging and detection solutions have traditionally used only one type of sensor. iryx uses many sensors to better interpret and analyze their environment. Some of these sensors include: visible imagery; low and high resolution thermal detection; particulate, VOC and gas detection and analysis; vibration; and other environmental sensors.

Sensor Type Description
Visible See color visual detail, relative size, relative position
Thermal – High Res See in darkness, fog, smoke, camouflage, through foliage
Thermal – Low Res Detect human occupancy, temperature
Particulate Detect particulates like vape and smoke
  VOC & Gas Detect volatile organic compounds like glues, solvents, paints and cleaners
Detect gasses like NO, CO, CO2, etc.
Vibration Detect vibration, touch, tampering, or movement
Environmental Environmental sensors such as temperate, humidity, water, etc.


Multi-spectral Visible and Thermal Imaging Solutions

iryx first generation of multi-sensor, multi-platform imaging solutions feature advanced visible and thermal imagers capable of detecting and classifying bodies, vehicles and faces in visible and thermal spectrums with features like liveliness detection and radiometric information to best monitor areas and events, and increase overall awareness. They incorporate advanced Computer Vision (CV) engines employing Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) processing to deliver unprecedented levels of real-time AI at the edge.

Imaging Characteristics iryx AI Package Cyber Security Measures
Thermal VOX sensor upscaled 320 x 240 resolutions
Visible CMOS sensor 1920 x 1080 resolution
Face, body, vehicle detection and classification Docker container support for 3rd party application isolation, security and uniformity
Multiple false color palettes for better thermal image visualization Liveness detection to differentiate between pictures and real people Supports Secure Boot, TrustZone and ATF (Arm Trusted Firmware)
Visually enhance thermal image Temperature threshold alerts and fire detection Protocols such as HTTPS (SSL/TLS) encryption,
Digest login authentication, 802.1X, RADIUS
Radiometric temperature measurements including per pixel and frame Intelligent object removal/blurring for GDPR and other privacy concerns (future)


Compound Thermal Occupancy Detection Solutions

Detect human presence without sacrificing privacy with iryx Dragonfly sensors. They differentiate between people and other heat emitting objects with thermal signature classification providing comprehensive area detection with the ability to count people in conference rooms, classrooms, and other private spaces with complete personal privacy.


Particulate/VOC/Gas Analysis Solutions

Iryx Canary sensors detect high particulate counts in the air resulting from vaping, smoking or other particulates such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic chemicals, gasses, and particulate changes in air quality. Once detected, Canary can provide a visual display of air quality and issue alerts based on user established thresholds.